The Magic of Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic Services in Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora, CO.

The Best Orthodontic Service will give your mouth straight, healthy teeth that can positively impact many aspects of your life. Your smile is typically the first thing others notice about you, so having confidence in your grin will boost your self-confidence in social and professional settings.

Types of Orthodontic Services

Early Orthodontic Services

At a young age, your child is developing at a rapid rate and the mouth is no exception as brand-new permanent teeth are replacing baby teeth.

All About Braces provides families in the Denver Metro area with the best early orthodontic care, by helping teach children the importance of taking care of their teeth. During adolescence there may be some early signs that orthodontic treatment will be necessary for your son or daughter.

Our team of highly trained orthodontists is dedicated to finding and correcting these problems, and helping guide your youngster into his or her perfect smile.

Close up portrait of smiling teenager girl showing dental braces.Isolated on white background.
Boy Visiting Orthodontic Center

Teen Orthodontic Services

Everyone deserves a smile they feel great about. The best way to achieve that smile is often through adolescent orthodontic treatment. The Teenage years present a unique opportunity for orthodontic treatment because we can shift the alignment of the permanent teeth but can still take advantage of growth spurts and high metabolisms. If you’re considering orthodontics for a teenager, our Denver orthodontists would love to help.

Teenaged girl smiling, happy with her orthodontist
Portrait of young kid Asian boy with tooth braces. Young teen boy smiling and showing his orthodontic braces on his teeth.

Adult Orthodontic Services

Over the past few years, adult orthodontic treatment has become more and more common. All About Braces is dedicated to helping you choose the right treatment, and transforming your teeth into a healthy, confident smile.

Thanks to new technology, there are now many ways for adults to straighten their teeth discreetly, and we pride ourselves in helping many adults achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

Image of a young woman happy with her new smile
Image of a young man laughing

Surgical Orthodontic Services

Although many common problems in tooth and jaw alignment can be treated with more traditional orthodontic techniques such as braces or Invisalign®, sometimes abnormalities of the jaw and facial bones are more serious and cause difficulty in chewing, talking, sleeping, and other routine activities.

In these cases, orthognathic (jaw) surgery may be necessary. Jaw surgery can correct these abnormalities, and when used in conjunction with other orthodontic treatments, will improve the functionality and the overall aesthetic appearance of your face.

We use only the latest in orthodontic technology. Our cutting-edge digital imaging systems can create a computer model to identify functional problems in the jaw and forecast the benefits of jaw surgery. Computer-aided treatment plans minimize treatment times and recovery periods, and ensure a more effective overall treatment.