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Early Orthodontic Services in Denver

Child Orthodontists in Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora, CO.

At a young age, your child is developing at a rapid rate. The mouth, especially, is growing, and brand-new permanent teeth are replacing those baby teeth. All About Braces provides families in the Denver Metro Area with the best child orthodontic care by helping teach children the importance of caring for their teeth. During adolescence, there may be some early signs that orthodontic treatment will be necessary for your son or daughter.

The Age to Begin Early Orthodontic Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your son or daughter first see an orthodontist for Early Orthodontic Services when the child turns seven years old. At this age, your little one’s first adult back molars have come in, and our team at All About Braces can better understand what future treatment might be necessary.

We will try to correct any minor problems before they become major ones to save you time and money. Setting an orthodontic appointment early on allows for a faster, smoother route to a beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Early and Interceptive Orthodontic Treatments

Starting your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment at All About Braces gives her or him an orthodontic home to guide the teeth and jaw through adolescence. Beginning these orthodontic treatments will also work to prevent more significant issues common among adults.

Below are some of the common ways interceptive treatment can help:


Creates room for potential crowding teeth

Preserves space for growing teeth
Regulates width of dental arches
Influences jaw growth for facial symmetry
Reduces the potential for tooth removal
Adjusts thumb-sucking consequences
Reduces the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
Reduces braces treatment time
Corrects possible speech problems

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All About Braces offers highly skilled, compassionate orthodontic care for all ages. We provide Orthodontics in Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood, CO. Whether you are interested in early treatment for your child, or thinking about adult braces for yourself, our dedicated team will help guide you and your family on their journey to a healthy mouth and a confident smile.