Aschly Vega

“Went to get an adjustment and has Maria as my assistant and she was fabulous. Front desk Kim was super friendly when checking in and out”

— Aschly V.

Hector Mendez

“My family and I Love this place. They treated my oldest daughter and has had her braces off for a couple months, her teeth look AMAZING!!! Now my middle child is in braces from here.. All the Doctors have been super nice,
accommodating and straight to the point. The receptioists Norma and Karla are super sweet and always help and Vanessa with the blue hair in the clinic is fast and kind and takes amazing care of my family.”

— Hector M.

Kinesha Marie

“My experience with All About Braces Lakewood has been absolutely FANTASTIC!! The team is super awesome and very informational in many ways. The doctors as well are very patient, helpful and really
sweet. Everyone is always so happy and brings such light to the environment. It truly feels like family here!!!”

—Kinesha M.

Donia Gomez-Sabus

“Moni was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She made my daughter feel very relaxed during her procedure. Thank you Moni and all the staff at All About Braces!”

— Donia G.

Taylor Laning

“After 2 years with braces I am so happy with my end results!!! Dr. Baskin and her team of orthodontists and assistants are AMAZING! I can’t wait to bring my son in for an orthodontic evaluation and treatment if needed once he loses a couple more teeth. Dr. Baskin and her team are very knowledgable and affordable! I am thankful I chose All About Braces for my braces journey!”

— Taylor L.

Kristina Diaz

“Great experience. We just moved into the local area and our son had started his orthodontia journey in a different state. Dr Lachica listened to all my concerns and was very honest about my sons current orthodontia standing, as well as addressed all my concems so we could make an informed decision for what was best for him and our family. I never once felt like my child’s best interest weren’t at the heart of Dr. Lachica’s decisions, where most dentist/orthodontia businesses leave me guessing. The rest of the staff, Maria and Vanessa, were also fantastic with my son and all my questions, as well as the front desk. So pleased with All About Braces, highly recommend to anyone needing an orthodontist!”

— Kristina D.

“All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you to All About Braces for everything they have done for my family! Your care, generosity, honesty, integrity, and graciousness are unparalleled by any medical professional I have ever interfaced with. You guys are simply the best!”

— Christine G.

“Three kids … three rounds of braces! Fantastic results from a talented team of docs, technicians, and staff! They made it easy to schedule appointments, rarely kept us waiting, paid great attention to detail, and are knowledgeable, professional, and caring! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Baskin and All About Braces!”

— Linda

“My oldest daughter receives orthodontic care from All About Braces. I have to say they are the best! We always feel at home when we are in their office. Dr. Mershon is the BEST! He always takes the time to explain everything to me and review all options before we make any treatment decisions. The staff are always friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend All About Braces; as a matter of fact, I will also be bringing my son in for orthodontic care soon. All About Braces is awesome!”

— D. Carnahan

“I love All About Braces. I take my oldest daughter there for her braces. They are nice and talk with each person about what’s going on. They show not only the patient how to take care of the braces and bands, but also the parents, so it’s done correctly each day. They are also good at stressing the fact that taking care of your braces is very important. I am very happy. I picked All About Braces for my daughter and if any of my other children need them in the future, I will be sure to take them there.”

— Corral Family

“My experiences with this orthodontist have been exceptional. What I like: 1) Parents can come into the treatment room and are welcome; 2) Procedures are explained clearly; 3) When you see children come in smiling and get in the chair happily, that says a lot about the doctor and the staff. Also, the Bronco room in Aurora is the bomb!”

— B. Ward

“My daughters were very anxious to get started with braces, but now they are the ones reminding me when their appointment is coming up. They have a great time choosing colors for their braces, talking to Dr. T and his staff, and tell me it hasn’t hurt like all their friends said it would. Great value and gorgeous teeth!!!”

— Cindy L.

“I brought my daughter here a little less than two years ago. From the first day, I found the staff to be incredibly nice and thoughtful. The doctors were great (yes, I said doctors — they have more than one doctor collaborate on your case together, which I thought was great because they always discussed and shared ideas about the best course of action and treatment), and I could not speak more highly about the entire experience. My daughter just got her braces off and WOW, does she look great! She wants to smile all the time now and I am confident that is a gift that will stay with her forever! Thank you so much, All About Braces!”

— Amanda S.

“I would like to commend the entire staff at the Aurora location for their superb service they have provided for my three grandchildren! Right from the start, the interaction with this office has been phenomenal! I have three grandchildren who have been going there, I believe since the beginning of this year. The front office ladies have continuously gone out of their way to make sure that the kids’ appointments are kept together and the appointment times are close in proximity, which is a huge blessing and eliminates me from having to take them on different dates! The techs and doctors are wonderful as well, keeping me informed on the kids’ progress. The office itself does not have the most modern up-to-date look, but the staffing is magnificent! I am very grateful to have found this office, one I will recommend to anyone needing kid’s braces! Way to go, AURORA ALL ABOUT BRACES!!!”

— M . Hawkins

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience at All About Braces. I took my granddaughter there about 18 months ago for a consultation. We spoke with Dr. David Mershon. He was highly professional, thoughtful, and took the time to explain what needed to be done as part of the treatment plan. We ‘shopped around’ a little, visiting three other orthodontic practices for consultations before deciding on using All About Braces. In the end, I felt that I was just getting a far better value at All About Braces, as their fees were more reasonable, but Dr. Mershon seemed like the smartest and most knowledgeable of the doctors we consulted with and I had learned that ALL of the doctors there were board-certified orthodontists — which I learned was a pretty big deal. Over the past year and a half, we have continually been impressed with the knowledgeable doctors (over that time we have also worked with the founder, Dr. Baskin), and the extremely friendly and helpful staff.”


Over the year and a half, we twice visited offices in other locations and consistently had an outstanding experience. I am thrilled to say that my granddaughter recently got her braces off and WOW — what a difference! Her smile looks amazing! Before her braces she was self-conscious about her crooked teeth. Now she is beaming with pride and improved self-confidence over her fantastic smile. I have always thought she was a beautiful girl, but her greatly improved smile really makes her shine. I am so happy that this is a gift I was able to give her that will last her whole life, and cannot thank the team at All About Braces enough!”

— Myrm

“Happy happy happy…. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Dr. Baskin and Dr. Mershon for being such wonderful doctors!! They made my three children feel so special and important that now my kids are so excited and keep asking me when we are going to come see their dentist again!! I just have to say this has been a wonderful experience and wanted to share this with you because they deserve to be recognized!!”

— Torres Family

“Dr. Baskin and her entire staff are the BEST. I am so impressed with everyone there. I HIGHLY recommend All About Braces. I had two kids who both had braces with them. My kids both loved the office, as did I. They are professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and great to deal with. Isabel is one of the nicest assistants in the world. She can even take impressions from my daughter easily (my daughter usually gags and has such a hard time with this). But Isabel does it every time without a problem. She is GREAT. They also take our DMO insurance, which is a huge plus for our family. We really love All About Braces and Dr. Baskin (as well as Dr. Mershon); they are all wonderful.”

— Shap Family

“ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!!! I cannot begin to express how happy I am with the service and results I got from these folks. I have three kids I have brought to them. Two just got their braces off and my youngest just got hers on. First and foremost, my kids LOOK GREAT, and the time it took was even faster (16 and 18 months, respectively) than originally planned (the doctors explained it was because my kids were really good about wearing their rubber bands). The doctors (yes, there were two of them, Baskin and Patil, which I loved because I always got the best thinking of them both) were so nice and always explained everything to me and my kids. My kids loved them. The staff there was AWESOME. Usually, we work with Isabel, who must be the nicest dental assistant in America! On top of it all, because I had three kids, they gave me a great deal.”


“I talk to friends who have gone elsewhere for braces, and complain about how it is taking so long, whose kids often don’t like them, orthodontists who don’t look like they know what they are doing, and when I hear what they pay I almost fall down. They pay for two kids what I paid for three! I can’t understand why anyone would go anywhere other than these guys. To get world-class care at a great price, I sometimes can’t believe how lucky I was to find these guys. All I can say is if you are considering braces for your kids, RUN, don’t walk, to All About Braces!”

— Karen Arronson